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Processing methods

How do we process organic residues?

Use as animal feed

If you cannot avoid organic waste, we can advise and guide you in making the best choices for making optimum use of the residual stream.
First we always examine whether we can use a residual stream under GMP as animal feed. Our subsidiary VDL-Agro is GMP-certified and together we offer the possibility of selling residual streams to animal feed companies.

Energy production (biogas)

If owing to legislation or for technical reasons you cannot choose the route of animal feed, it is preferable to produce energy from your organic waste. Orinso is ISCC certified and thanks to our many years’ experience and with the aid of analyses and lab tests Orinso can make a good assessment whether the stream lends itself to being processed anaerobically to methane. With the outcome of the analysis we will look for the best possible fermentator for the stream.


Composting is the ideal method to make raw material/fertilizer from an organic residue again. If the organic residue does not lend itself to being converted into methane first, composting is a good alternative processing process. In this way organic material and nutrients are retained and they serve as soil improver for new plant growth.

Water purification

Residual streams that largely consist of water are often less suitable for processing by fermentation. Organic compounds can be purified aerobically and anaerobically in water purification plants. Orinso will help find the right processors for every type of wastewater.

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