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We supply various organic residues from agriculture for the production of biogas. They include among other things grain-like streams and vegetable residues.

Photo on the left: grain residues


Wastage, rejection or return streams from foodstuffs can still be put to excellent use for feed or fermentation. We supply products from numerous production and sales channels.

Photo on the right: rice

Drinking water production

When drinking water is pumped up, iron comes along in some areas. This iron is separated from the drinking water by allowing it to rest, as a result of which it settles. We use this iron sludge and powder for binding sulphur at gas plants.

Photo on the left: iron powder


During the slaughter process various residual streams are released that can be processed well in fermentation plants.

We collect primary streams such as blood and unexpelled manure but also streams from the further slaughter process such as flotation sludges from our customers and supply them to fermentators.

Biodiesel production/ oleochemistry

The residual streams from these processes have fat as a basis and consequently often a high energy value. That makes them extremely suitable for biogas production.

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