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Our solutions

Organic Industrial Solutions; that’s what we stand for!

Technical solutions

We can be of service to our customers, depending on their problem, at many levels. It can be done by means of a technical solution, but also by the realization of the best processing method for a specific waste stream.

Capacity solutions

To minimize logistical costs and to be able to supply our customers with biomass all year round we often buy large bulk parcels, which we store in the harbour.

Also in the case of a demand for sale of large parcels of waste streams we use several processors so that we can quickly get large volumes processed with a good distribution. We also handle temporary storage of residual streams by means of liquid-tight containers, tank containers or trailers. Finally we have the possibility and the proper permits to store solid or liquid streams at our location in Veghel.


For Hydrobusiness Orinso has developed three tailor-made containers for transporting sludge coming from the anaerobic water purification at the location of Mars in Veghel. With these containers both slurry and solid sludge may be removed to various processors.

Special trailer

At a large German grain mill we have developed two trailers with a loading worm to be able to collect flour residues immediately after the production process.

Special trailer

The trailers immediately serve as closed supply and the trailers are transported direct to processors without storage and transshipment.

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