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When organic matters

About us

Orinso stands for Organic Industrial Solutions and that is exactly what we stand for. We offer tailor-made solutions for our buyers by realizing the best value creation for organic residues.

Our solutions

We can serve our customers at many levels, depending on their problems. This can be done by means of a technical solution, but also by the realization of the best processing method for a specific waste stream.

Challenge us

What problems is your business facing? We enjoy a challenge!

Present your problem to us and let our solution be proof that we offer what you are looking for!


Waterbedrijf Pidpa


The contract with water company Pidpa has been extended again with effect from 1 January 2021. As a result we will be permitted for the coming years to sell all the released iron water (solid and liquid) again.


Olive residue

Orinso has bought a large parcel of olive residue to be able to supply it all year round. As soon as olive residue has been added to the AA annex, we will also be able to supply it to Dutch co-fermentation.


Damaged lots

Damage may occur during the transport of organic products. Orinso buys these damaged lots and looks for the best processing method for them.

About us

We will find the best value creation for organic residues for your business. Orinso designs tailor-made solutions at market prices with the aid of the best technology available.

Our solutions

Are you looking for a technical or capacity solution? Orinso thinks along about the problem of your company!

Challenge us

Bring your problem to us and let our solution prove that we can offer what you are looking for!

Why choose Orinso?


Knowledge is our added value. Our employees are each separately specialists at their job and in their field. “No” is unknown to us and we continue to search until a solution has been found for our customers.

What our customers say

“Orinso is a pleasant and reliable party to collaborate with and it also keeps its word. That’s important to us.”

- Jan Aben

Director of Aben Recycling and Aben Green Energy

“Production of gelatine is a 24/7 continuous process. Thinking about the extremely service-oriented attitude of Orinso/VdLinden several occasions come to mind. For instance when on a Sunday morning during Carnival liquid sludge had to be removed immediately because of a defective sludge dewatering press to ensure the continuation of our production. A few hours after a telephone call to Orinso the first tank trucks were loaded here. That is why we have worked together with Orinso to our full satisfaction for 10 years. ”

- Ad Schellekens

Director Operations Trobas Gelatine

“Orinso is a reliable supplier of co-products. The sales team knows its stuff and always solves complaints. Recently we have started to work successfully on a joint project, in which we view each other as partners.”

- Roel Beunk

Commercial Manager of Groot Zevert Vergisting